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To study with Alex email him at: alexsnydman@gmail.com

“I began studying with Alex during a period in my musical development that was lacking in structure and at risk of becoming stagnant altogether.  However, after our first lesson I was given an assignment that was thoroughly specific to my endeavors on the kit, and left feeling inspired and reinvigorated.  Alex is creative, insightful, and not rigid in his teaching methods, which made a big difference for me.  Additionally (and this is huge), it was Alex’s idea that I apply to college, for which neither my parents or myself believed I was ready at the time.  I’m now entering my second year at SUNY purchase, and feel more confident and prepared musically than ever.  Though I don’t study with Alex any more now that I am at school in New York, we continue to talk frequently and share a close personal bond.  I truly owe a large portion of the growth and success that I have experienced in recent years to the lessons and support that Alex offered me.”

-Eli Wilson-Berkowitz

“As a former professional musician, I have had a lot of experience with music instructors, and know what qualities make a great teacher. Alex has been my son’s drum teacher for seven years now, and has done an outstanding job. He is patient, clear in his instruction, and challenges my son to reach his full potential. Although my son is only 11, he’s begun playing with an intermediate-level improvisation class in town that is made up of teens and adults, and has been excelling. I know there is no way he would have gotten this far without Alex’s guidance and encouragement. When Alex moved to California a couple of years ago, I was concerned that his lessons with my son would not be as strong without his actual presence. However, we have maintained weekly lessons via skype, and the lessons have been as strong as ever. We also send him short clips during the week of my son’s progress, and we get almost instant feedback and guidance. Alex has also taken the time to get to know my son, including his other interests and sensibilities. I can’t imagine a better teacher for my son. We feel very blessed. I give Alex my strongest endorsement.”

– Scott Cornelius (Former Lead Trumpet for Chicago Symphony Orchestration)

“Alex is an excellent teacher, and what’s so significant about his style, why it is applicable to any type of student, is that his teaching is predicated around developing a curriculum and routine that is specific and thorough for each student. I’ve recommended Alex to several people because I feel so strongly about his ability to teach anyone the drums. Alex is wonderful.”

– Becket Cerny



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